A little late, but about Electrical Safety Month

So last month was Electrical Safety Month and we meant to post something earlier, but hey – better late than never, right? But Electrical Safety Month is important to us because face it – we make our living large in part due to our ability to help keep your electrical systems working properly, and part of electrical systems working properly means that they’re safe.


Electricity is an amazing thing, but it’s also incredibly dangerous and the consequences – and the frequency with which they manifest themselves – are very, very real.


Electrical incidents caused:


  • 43,900 home fires
  • 438 deaths
  • 1,430 injuries
  • $1.47 billion dollars worth of property damage


…just last year, alone. What’s staggering about that isn’t just some of the numbers, but how frequent and common these occurrences are. We are always sharing out electrical safety tips with you on this blog, but having a safer home really comes back around to you actually taking electrical safety seriously.


And actually taking electrical safety seriously isn’t a belittling thing. It’s just being more aware of what’s around you. Doing so can and will prevent a lot of bad things from happening.


It’s being vigilant about replacing wobbly switches and outlets. It’s making sure that you don’t run cords across carpets. It’s not using electrical equipment near water. It’s not overloading electrical sockets with gadgets. It’s about teaching your kids how to be safe around electricity.


Our point is ‘being safe’ isn’t just a thing you do – it’s an ongoing state of awareness you have as to your surroundings. Just behaving that way is going to prevent a whole myriad of potential issues in the future. It could save you, your home, perhaps even your loved ones.


If you’re unsure as to what you need to do, it’s always advisable to give folks like us a call and we can come through and help. It costs nothing to do a quick walkthrough.