Becoming a little more energy efficient

Everyone has become a little bit more ‘green’ these days. Supermarkets don’t use plastic bags, electric cars are slowly building in popularity and recycling has become part of our day-to-day routines.

While some of these changes have felt seamless, they’re not exactly easy – and some require some effort.

The good news for us in the electrical world though – is that going green isn’t complicated or expensive. In fact, it saves you a lot of money. Here are some tips that can help you conserve energy, run a more efficient home and put some money back into your pocket in the form of savings.

Switching out your bulbs

Energy-saving bulbs is good for the environment, but will save you a ton of money, too. They use about 80% less energy on average and produces the same amount of light at a lower 13-18w set as a traditional 60w bulb would. That’s a pretty big difference!

Lights off, folks

Remember how annoyed you’d get when your parents would ask you to switch the lights off every time you left a room? Well, we hate to break it to you, but they were right. In fact, doing so over the course of a month can save the average home owner in upwards of 10% on their electrical bill.

Wash wisely

If there was every an appliance that sucked up an incomprehensible amount of electricity, it’s the dishwasher. Not only do the faucets need to run, but there’s a heater, dryer, filter, sucking the water in and out and even a computerized interface… it all uses a ton of electricity. Our advice is to use it more judiciously. Don’t run it every night –wait until it’s full, then use it. Also, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you’re washing what you can in the sink and rinsing off dirty dishes. It makes a huge difference when your washer doesn’t have to work so hard.

Lookout for the logo

Always be on the lookout for the Energy Saving Recommended logo or Energy Saver stickers. These appliances are specifically designed to run more efficiently and save you some cash. They may cost a little more up front, but they’ll save you a boatload of money between the purchase and the need of the appliances’ lifespan.

There are so many ways to save on both electricity and on your monthly bill. Just be smart about it. If you want to discover some other ways you might save more –call an electrician and they may be able to do an energy audit that can tell you what’s being used, at what clip it’s being used and what you can do to run a more efficient home.