Dealing with electrical fires

Talk to anyone who knows anything about fighting fires and they’ll tell you that electrical fires are almost always the worst. It’s hard to find where they come from and they can spread quickly and have a devastating effect on your home or place of work.

While we talk a lot about how you can prevent them from happening, sometimes you can do everything right and something still happens. And in the event of an electrical fire – it’s important that you know what to do. What you do first can often mean the difference between neutralizing a fire and it overcoming your whole home. When people’s safety is at stake, it’s crucial you know what to do.

Here’s what you can do if you’re ever faced with dealing with an electrical fire.

Your safety comes first

If an electrical fire breaks out and you can’t turn off the electricity – you need to put your safety first. Get to safety and call 911 immediately. That’s full-stop what you should do almost any time a fire breaks out.

That being said – IF you can get to a switch or source of the fire – unplug it or shut off the electricity. Unplugging the source will reduce the risk that the flames will spread and allows you to stop worrying about where the fire’s going and instead focus on where it’s out now and how you can put I out. If it’s safe enough to get to the electrical panel, do yourself the favor and make sure all of the power in the house is off. This way, you can take getting yourself electrocuted off the list of risks while you figure out how to put this thing out.

Next – the best substance you can use to extinguish electrical fires is baking soda. Baking soda has a chemical compound in it called sodium bicarbonate – which ironically is used in Class-C fire extinguishers. Remember when your Mom always had that semi-annoying box of Arm and Hammer laying around the sink? Well, now you know why.

And lastly – DO NOT USE WATER. Water conducts electricity, so you can spread the fire or put yourself at extreme risk for electrocution.

Once the power is off

Once the electricity is off, you have more options to fight the fire. Blankets are great if you don’t have extinguishers – although extinguishers should be your first plan. You can use baking powder as well and you should at the very least – be able to contain the fire without putting your safety in serious jeopardy.

But the best form of fighting electrical fires

is prevention. We recommend you invite an electrician to come over to your home once a year to do an inspection to make sure everything is working as it’s intended to. More often than not, people overlook the power load that their homes have to take on and that’s usually where problems start.

If you’re looking to make sure that your home isn’t at risk for an electrical fire, then give us a call and we’ll come and give you a free consultation and you can schedule and inspection. Until then, good luck and stay safe!