Electrical safety during a pandemic

Well to say the least – things have changed quite a bit since we spoke last! As we all come to grips with our new temporary reality, we know that things are changing all around us – from how we work to how we’re simply trying to keep our own sanity.

While being home all the time is fun at first, setting up a home work station can take some work and even more challenging – keeping those work hours can be difficult. Not only that – but lots of new electrical safety issues can pop up in times like these. Here are some tips on how you can make sure your workstation is set up – and set up for safety. Let’s jump right in!

Charging devices

As we’re all working from home – we’re all keeping in contact with each other through our various devices – whether it’s laptops, cell phones or other mobile devices. Other devices will be hard at work occupying our children. Whatever they’re doing – we know that these devices are going to be getting a workout during coronavirus lockdown – and there’ll be a lot of charging that needs to go on.

Always be sure to make sure that your devices are charging on a hard, flat surface. Don’t leave them plugged in on a bed, couch or near something that could catch fire. Also be sure you’re using the correct charger for the proper device. And as always – be sure to not overload sockets. Try to keep it at one device charging at a time.

Watch what you’re heating!

Half of all accidental fires happen because something went wrong in the kitchen. Make sure that when you’re in there, you’re concentrating on the task at hand and not that dive bomb phone call or email. Don’t leave things like dishwashers, microwaves and ovens running when you’re busy working or out of the house. Keep your things safe and your kitchen safer.

Shop safely

We’re all counting pennies right now and stuck at home for, well – however long it takes. If you’re going to be buying an electrical bargain to pass the time – make sure you know what you’re buying and whom you’re buying it from. A lot of these second hand chargers and devices are made from substandard products and parts that can pose an electrical safety hazard. These products – if misused – can be deadly. Read the reviews and shop intelligently.

And most important of all –

Stay healthy! What a wild time this is for us all, so keep your cool, stay busy and from us to you – stay healthy and safe! We’ll see you all next month!