Electrical safety for the elderly

Nowadays people live longer than they ever have before. And because they live longer than they ever have before – they’re living in their house longer than ever before. As we get older, so does our home and as that happens – safety concerns can arise. Unfortunately, with power demands changing so dramatically over the years, it’s a house’s electrical system that can present a substantial risk to the occupant’s safety.

So you or your parents are getting older. So is your house. What are some things you can do to make the home less prone to electrical issues? That’s what we’re here for today. Here are some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Always check the switchboard

All electrical safety starts with your switchboard. Making sure it’s in good repair and working condition is important – but more importantly – whether it can handle tomorrow’s workload as well as today’s.

When you or your parents decide ‘yeah, this is the rest of my life home’ – then one of the first things you should do is prepare the home to be that. And one of the first places you should start is your switchboard. Updating it early can save a big headache and the cost isn’t that significant. Even if you don’t get years of use out of it, it’ll stay with the home and make it a more viable asset. Not to be dark like that, but these are things to consider.

Lighting enhancements

As we age, our eyesight tends to fail us and a way that it tends to do that is with regards to light. Poor lighting can lead to trips and falls and again – that’s not good for us.

An extremely affordable way to increase the safety of a house is to simply make sure that there’s adequeate lighting throughout the house – especially in pathways within the house where people will be walking. There are a few places you’ll really want to pay attention to in addition to pathways, including:

-Above cooktops, sinks and main food preparation areas
-Lighting along stairs, hallways and bathrooms

-Touch lamps in hang-out quarters and near seating areas and bedrooms

-Consider glow in the dark switch covers

-Swap out halogen lights for LED lights to reduce the risk of fire

Motion sensors aren’t a bad idea, either – although this can get a little annoying if your parents have pets and other movers and shakers who roam the premesis late at night. Either way – there are a ton of purpose-built products on the market that are cheap and can make life a lot easier – and safer. Take the time to check them out.

Exterior light

This is a big one. Going entirely motion activated with your lighting is the way to go for sure. It simply makes it a lot easier for the resident to move around outside in the night time.

The other thing you really want to make sure you do is install a light around or even inside the unit that displays the house’s number. That way in the event of an emergency – responders can find the house a lot easier.

It’s important to take care of our loved ones as they grow older. Follow some of these tips and you’ll not only be keeping them safer, but you’ll significantly increase their overall quality of life.