Electrical safety for the holiday season

It’s holiday time again and if you’re one of our friends who go all out to celebrate, it’s time to break out those decorations. But those decorations can come with some risk – especially to your electrical system.

Here are some trips to have a happier, healthier, safer Christmas season. Let’s jump right in!

Inspect all your electrical decorations for damage before use

Whenever you’re going to use anything electricity-related, be sure to inspect it. Look for things like loose and bare wires, damaged light sockets, or any kind of connections that could potentially cause a significant shock or fire.

It’s not a bad idea to also make sure that you follow manufacturer’s guides. And trust us, we know manuals are a bummer – especially with most of you guys wanting to be ultra creative in your displays, but in all honesty, decorations are designed to be used in a specific way and when you step outside of that space, you’re putting you, your family and home at risk.

Do not decorate near power lines

At all. Stay as far away as possible; don’t decorate near them, around them – any of that. This should be self-explanatory, but to some, it’s not.

Never connect more than three strings of lights 

While you CAN get away with it on the outside of the house depending on the power source; going more than three strands is a huge no-no if it’s inside the house. Not only can these lights trip circuit breakers, but also they can cause fires quickly. We recommend purchasing LED lights purely from the standpoint that they use a lot less energy and run cooler than their incandescent cousins.

When you go to bed, turn it all off

Most electrical issues and fires come overnight when the homeowner isn’t paying attention. Flat-out, there’s no reason to have them on when you’re sleeping. No one’s looking at them, admiring them or any of that. Turn everything off before you go to bed.

Keep your trees well watered

Believe it or not, most tree fires start and get worse because a spark hits a dry tree and it goes up quickly. You should be consistently watering the tree to keep it healthy. Also – make sure when you’re buying your tree that you’re checking for freshness. Fresh trees stay healthy longer and will present less of an electrical hazard than an older one will. In addition, try to avoid electric ornaments outside of the usual fare of lights and a star/angel.

The holiday season is the best – but it’s better when it’s safe. Enjoy your family, friends and make this holiday season the best ever!