Five Fall Electrical Safety Tips

Believe it or not, the fall is actually one of the most hazardous times when it comes to electrical safety issues and that’s what our post is going to be about for this month.

The change from Summer to Fall is a big one largely because it’s where you’ll see the most change occurring between large-scale electrical devices in the home. Air conditioners are out, electrical blankets and space heaters are in – and that’s not even getting into all the thing things you use in your yard, the basement and everywhere else.

But have no fear – we’re here to help. Here’s some tips to abide by!

Check all of your smoke detectors and CO detectors

This should go with any season, really – but every 3-4 months we suggest you test your detectors as they can be life savers. Your average detector lasts 10 years and if you have one getting a little long in the tooth, it’s probably time for a new one. That way if there is a problem – electric, gas or otherwise – you’ll have your last line of defense ready to go!

Inspect your extension cords

The holidays are coming up sooner than you think (yes, we know – that’s… ugh)… but with the holidays come Christmas lights, light up candles, menorahs, light up Santas, light up… ugh, it’s August. But honestly – you know it’s coming – so you need to be prepared! Check those lights – but just as importantly – check those extension cords as they work overtime no matter the season. That means no damage or fraying. That means anything you’re planning on using outdoors should be weather rated. That means making sure you have surge protectors and power strips that have internal overload protection for your indoor cords. And as always – DON’T plug too many things into one space.

Be careful with any heat-generating electrical item

That’s not just space heaters – but also things like electric blankets and the like. While incredibly convenient (and cozy) – realize you are parking yourself next to and draping yourself in a lot of electricity. Make sure there’s nothing flammable laying around the places where you’re planning on using them and double-make sure those devices are in good, working order.

If you haven’t protected your outdoor systems – please do

Any outdoor electrical outlets should have covers. All of them. At best – the Bubble Covers to make sure the elements stay out – but the metal or plastic flapper works almost as well, too. With snow and or rain on its way – this will ensure its not damaged.

Oh and before we forget

DO NOT HANG ANYTHING HOLIDAY RELATED NEXT TO A POWER LINE OR WIRE NEAR YOUR HOUSE. Ever. For any reason. We’re saying this with a shred of humor – but the consequences can be really serious. In the fall, people love their decorations, their corn husks, pumpkins and then that morphs into the crazy light shows in the winter. You’d be surprised at the bad ideas some people come up with. Nothing should ever be near wires leading in and out of your house, be within range of falling into them and most certainly – never hanging off of them.

We’re always here for a free consultation, so if you want more information or even a walk-through, we’re happy to oblige. Best of luck and enjoy the cooler weather!