Five simple ways to get cooler and cut your electrical bill this summer

Energy costs are one of those things as people we just need to kind of accept as being a thing in life. In the north, they have oil and heating bills that would make us folks here in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area blush. And if they saw our electrical bills to keep things cool – they’d probably pass out. So no matter where you live, it’s something we fight and manage in our own way.

That doesn’t mean you need to be swallowing massive bills, though. In fact there’s a lot you can do to take the edge off that doesn’t involve calling us for the latest greatest electrical install to do it.

And that’s what today’s post is all about. Ways you can beat the heat and save a little money on the side without calling us to install, repair or wire something.

If you have window shades, use them

Windows open up rooms and bring bright light in – but they also allow unwanted heat to sneak in and raise the temperature. This tip is the perfect excuse to dress up your room in order to lower your electrical bill. Blinds and curtains can help insulate a room and especially when it gets hotter out – can help keep the temperature cooler.

Find your green thumb

One thing that always helps reduce the amount of heat in a home is by planting trees to help cut down on the amount of heat that penetrates your roof, walls and even the outside A/C unit. The more heat, the harder the system has to work – the harder the system has to work then, well… the higher your bill will be.

Deciduous trees are great on the east/west portions of your house as they’ll be the ones dealing with the heat the most. And the best part about them is that they’ll block heat in the summer while simultaneously getting out of the way to invite it in during the colder winter months. So in a way, while nature is part of the problem, it can become part of the solution, too.

Keep appliances away from the thermostat

Especially if you have central air, thermostats tell the A/C when to turn on and off. One common mistake people do is by putting things like lights next to the thermostat itself. Lamps give off heat, making the thermostat think its hotter than it really is and then you’re turning you’re A/C on more than you need to. Simply moving those devices somewhere else can help remedy this issue.

Eat fruit

So technical, right? Honestly, fruit helps the body maintain its internal temperature. But fruits like watermelon, peaches and honeydews give you a lot of water. Eating better will help keep you cooler and help ebb the need to be constantly cooled off by fans or electronic devices.

Get the most out of your fans

Instead of flipping on a switch, make sure you’re actually getting cooled off by your fans. A lot of people put fans in the corner of the room and all that will do is simply circulate the air. Put your fans near you so you receive that cooling effect you need. And then simply turn it off when you don’t need it. Don’t place it in a far off place in the room because it won’t do you any good.