How your home’s electrical impacts its value

Are you thinking of holding off on upgrading the electrical system in your house because you’re thinking about selling it? DON’T. Take it from us – it’s a bad idea to sell a home with electrical issues, or a system that’s long in the tooth. Putting these things off can even deep-six a potential sale.

While curb appeal is all the rage and is important in it’s own right, it’s usually what’s under the hood of the house that can cause a deal to fall through. It’s when you find that thing in the corner or that defect behind the scenes that sends a potential buyer shopping elsewhere.

Getting top dollar for your home should be a priority for anyone, but to do that – you’ll need to think about some upgrades. Here are some common issues we’ve encountered that give people reason for pause when they’re looking to buy a house.

Let’s jump right in!

Outdated wiring systems

Make sure your wiring system isn’t something from the Cleveland administration. Knob and tube aluminum wiring will cause insurers and inspectors heading for the hills. In order to manage today’s significant electrical loads, you’ll want to make sure your home is supported by modern, solid copper wire and make sure things are grounded.
2-prong outlets

2 prong outlets just won’t get the job done these days. In the digital age, home buyers want lots of plugs – not only that they can depend on, but in places that are convenient to them. All your outlets should be 3-prong and grounded. You might not care that your old Zenith gets zapped but your buyers will care that their nice, shiny new toys will.

Not enough outlets

Like we said above, an outlet per room just doesn’t cut it anymore. There should be multiple outlets in every room and in locations that are convenient for users in places such as next to nightstand, in the bathroom or just outside the front door.

Circuit breaker panels

All your wiring will run through a circuit breaker panel. Those that are outdated, recalled or uh… ‘customized’ to fit a home – need to go. Not only is this a safety issue, but undersized boxes can often stall a home sale, which not only effects the value of your home, but how insurable it is.

Every outlet that is in the presence of some sort of water – whether it’s a bathtub, sink, dishwasher or washing machine – should be GFCI equipped as water will dramatically increase the risk of electrical shock. Whenever there is an imbalance detected in your electrical system the current will shut off – keeping you and your loved ones safe.

So if you’re about to put your home on the market – take a look at some of these things and determine whether or not you might need to make a upgrade. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to get an inspection beforehand that can help you circumnavigate these issues before they torpedo any potential sale. Good luck!