Oldsmar Electrical Services Tips for Office Lighting

Oldsmar Electrical Services On Office Lighting and Your Health

As an Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services company, we notice that the average office worker in our country spends most of their time throughout a given week at work. Business owners and managers need to be ready and able to set up employees in a clean, safe and productive work environment.

Do you notice that your employee’s energy levels are low? Poor lighting is one of the best-kept secrets in the workplace. Employees work under a fluorescent light for 8 hours or more without the sunshine or fresh air.

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How Colors, Temperatures, and Lighting Affect You

Did you know the lighting in a room impacts our mental and physical well-being? The temperature that comes from lighting and how people perceive it has an impact.

  • Temperatures that are over 4,600K is considered “cool” or a daylight color. During the middle of the day when the sun is shining, light measures at 5,000K and when there is an overcast temperature are at 7,000K.
  • Mid-range color temperatures from 3,100K to 4,600K are “cool white.” Early morning or late afternoon light is about 4,300K. Cool white fluorescent lights are 3,400K.
  • Warm colors have low temperatures up to 3,000K, and when incandescent lights are on, it is close to 2,500K.

The Right Light Temperature

We are an Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services expert that has the experience to set up cool lighting that appears similar to the sun at midday that helps to improve employee productivity. We highly recommend you select an office or create natural light that will be accessible to workers throughout the day. This type of environment has been proven to lower the chance of depression and provide people with an energy feeling.

How to Manage Without Natural Light

If you do not have the capacity to create a natural lit environment in the office, artificial lighting will be helpful. Now that we are in the winter season and employees are working past 5 pm, lights that will be valuable are “blue-enriched” at a measure of 17,000K. When the office is set up with this lighting, the melatonin production in the body that makes people feel tired will no longer be an issue.

In conference rooms, mid-range lighting will create a more friendly atmosphere to keep employees alert and motivated to work while in meetings.

Kenco Electrical Services is Here for You

We have the expertise to visit your location and provide feedback on your lighting and what we can do to make a positive difference. Our Electricians review all factors that are essential to your needs as well as the health and safety aspects of the work environment. The same type of lighting might appear to be an easy fix, but it is simply a band-aid or temporary change. You will notice better results by giving us a call at 815-855-6969 or 727-787-0913.

If you need to set up a lighting change, contact us as your Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services company today for help getting started.