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Your bedroom is not only a room to sleep in but with the way home renovations are becoming more creative, exercise and even eat delicious meals (especially during Super Bowl Sunday) in your bedroom. We might not consume as much energy here as we do in the living room or kitchen but here is some helpful advice from a  Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services company to ensure you reduce your monthly bill.

Helpful Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services Tips

  1. Seal the Deal on Windows

Did you know U.S. homeowners spend $11 Billion a year on air conditioning? Your household can save more money on electricity by sealing your windows.

  1. Window Curtains are Your Best Friend

As a Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services company, the thick fabric made to design window curtains can prevent cold air throughout your household. In addition, thicker material also blocks sunlight in your room that will increase the temperature that can make you feel uncomfortable especially during the hot summer season.

  1. Unplug Electronics at Night

We are all human which means we fall asleep at times with the lights or television on until the next morning. Did you know that electronics draw current when fully charged? Most devices only need a few hours to charge and wasting valuable energy at night can increase your energy bill. Charge your cell phone a few hours before you plan to go to sleep because this will help with saving the life of the battery.

  1. Using an extension cord / surge protector can make turning off electronics easy. A power strip with an on/ off button will save time from you unplugging multiple cords before bed time.
  1. Turn Lights Off at Night

A bright 60-watt light bulb has its advantages and 60-watts per hour will add up in the span of a year. Use a night light or a dimmer switch as an alternative option.

  1. Easy Bedroom Energy Savings

Anyone can conserve energy in their bedroom. Even your children can learn too. Follow these steps and you will see better results with your utility bill.

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