Signs of Electrical Dangers of Older Homes

Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services


After the journey of house hunting, you finally find a home that you and your family will enjoy. To cut costs, you decide to purchase an older house with a lot of space and a nice sized backyard. You sign the closing papers and the house keys are handed to you by your Realtor. After time passes, you call your local Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services to check your electricity after noticing a small issue and realize that the inspector missed out on a few important factors about your electrical system.

Depending on where you live, buying an older home can cost less than a newly constructed or recent home. An older house can offer great value with renovation improvements adding more character to the life of your property. One of the things that most homeowners forget to do is to have the electrical wiring inspected. Our experience as an Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services will help you. We put together a list of a few common dangers that could threaten the safety of your home:


Properties that were built between the years of 1950 to 1970 have aluminum wiring because it was less expensive than installing the house with wiring made out of copper. There were many issues found with aluminum wiring shortly after these homes were built such cracking and overheating. We high recommend that if you own a house that was built during this time, to have your wires inspected. Behind the depths of your walls may potentially be a number of hazardous points that can cause major issues in the long run. In addition, during the early 1990s knob and tube wiring was also used in homes that can be dangerous because it has a high chance of cracking and causing electrical fires.


The average homeowner makes additions to a property that includes new rooms, electrical lines, hot tubs, etc. If an inexperienced Electrician makes a mistake while installing additions, issues can impact the service panel where the breaker can trip constantly with electrical outlets becoming overloaded. This can be dangerous because the electrical panel is responsible for preventing hazards. In addition, the electrical panel needs to be upgraded to control electricity throughout the house whether your property is new or old. This panel is labeled for easy maintenance if you need to call an Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services.



Older homes have historical value and additional benefits that new homes do not offer. While this is great, we recommend that an Oldsmar Florida Electrical Services is called to identify potential hazards in your electrical system. One of our electricians can give you a list of important items and will help you and your family stays safe in your new home. Call us at 813.855.6969 or 727.787.0913.