Maintaining continuous power is a top priority of the electric companies. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can cause interruptions to the power grid from time to time. Wind, lightning, trees, vehicle accidents, and animals can all cause power outages. Weather alone accounts for about 70% of these.

Some interruptions may last only a few seconds, while others may be much longer. The short ones are corrected automatically by special equipment. The longer ones generally require repair teams.

When a longer type power outage occurs, it’s important to prepare your home or office for the power coming back on. You should go through each room and turn off as many applicances and lights as possible. This will reduce the load on the power grid when it is re-energized.

Also insure that there is nothing flammable on or near stoves, irons, or other heat sources. Leave one light on so that you know when the power has been restored. If you leave your home or office during an outage, you should turn off all power at the main switch box.