Reducing your electrical bill during the pandemic

With cases of COVID-19 creeping back up again, some folks are again electing to stay home and work instead of going to the office. In some ways, working from home is great. Not only do you have more time to yourself, but some studies are even showing people are more productive even though they’re not actually working as much. 

The flip side of this is all well documented. People feel lonely, separated and depending on your child’s school situation – you might be juggling both work and kids – which is a lot. One other, under the radar problem though – is that people have noticed large jumps in their utility bills – particularly their electrical bills. 

And let’s be honest – it makes sense. Your house is powering more devices for longer periods of time. So how do you counteract that? Is there a way you can take the edge off? Here are a few things that you can do to stay ahead of the curve and lower those utility bills in these trying times. Let’s jump right in!

Be conscious of what you leave on

Look, just about every person in the world is wasteful when it comes to something. Maybe it’s food, money or hot water; but if you’re someone who leaves lights on, we’re sure your monthly utility bill has been quite a wake up call! 

Look around you. How many devices are you running? Do you really need the TV running in the background? Does the Air Conditioner need to be bumping at full blast? Are your kids jumping off Zoom classes and playing video games? And what about when you’re not using any of these things? Are you leaving them on?

If so – turn ‘em off. Don’t use lights when you don’t need them. Use an energy saver setting on your AC. And power down your laptops when you’re not using them. 

Natural light is your friend

Especially if you live in a sunny place like we do here in Florida, just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t let the sun in. Open up those curtains and let the sun add both warmth and light into your home. The Vitamin D will do you some good and you’ll find yourself using less electricity during the day. 

Grill more, cook in the kitchen less

Not only can grilling be super healthy for you, but you’ll be using less of your kitchen, which means you’ll be spending a whole lot less on electricity at the end of the month. Kitchen’s account for almost half of our monthly power usage every month – from ovens and microwaves to toasters and George Foreman Grills. Using your grill will get you outside and help you be less dependent on your kitchen. 

Energy Savings Settings

Every device in your home now has energy saving settings of some sort and as such – you should take full advantage – particularly when it comes to your computers and devices. Even depending on when your appliances were made; they also come with these settings. Be sure to take advantage of them. Using these settings can reduce your costs 5-10% alone, which might not seem like a lot; but in a day and time where every penny counts; this is the way you’ll want to go about things and it’ll certainly help take the edge off. 

Hopefully these tips will help make looking at your electrical bill a little less painful at the end of the month. If you’ve got questions or are looking to make any upgrades in your home during the pandemic, we’re open for business! Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation.