Signs you need to upgrade your workplace electrical system

Office fires are bad for business. In some cases, they’ll even put you out of business. According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost 80% of small businesses that experienced a fire never reopened.

Other consequences aren’t great, either. They range from a loss of property, data and equipment to actual loss of life. Making sure that your electrical system is safe and reliable is an integral part of not only the safety of your workplace, but also the security of your businesses.

Here are some signs that your wiring may be out of date and why it might be time to get it replaced by a Tampa electrician.

An old building

Buildings that are 50+ years old come with a lot of character, but also come with some particularly worrisome flaws – including old, faulty writing and electrical systems. In fact, old wiring is among the top 5 most common causes of electrical fires – so it’s important you get it inspected and upgraded.

Breakers that constantly trip

The demands technology places on electrical systems is greater than ever and breakers are our first line of defense as they prevent circuits from overloading. In the event that they do and you keep tripping the same breakers – the circuit is likely overloaded and it’s time to upgrade the capacity.

Buzzing lights and outlets

Buzzing switches and outlets are extremely succeptable to electrical fires and should be taken very, very seriously. In the event you hear buzzing from any switch or outlets, contact a professional immediately.

Flickering and dimming lights

Lights don’t tend to use very much electricity and as a result, when they flicker – it’s usually not because there’s something wrong with the light. It’s usually indicative of a much greater problem within the electrical system itself. So when you see lights flickering, it’s likely that a circuit is overloaded or is at capacity and it’ll be time to upgrade your wiring and capacity.

Scorched outlets

Outlets and light switches should never be warm in any meaningful sense. They certainly shouldn’t be showing signs of scorching. In this situation, it’s usually less that the system needs upgrading as much as you just need more outlets. So if you need more outlets, add them. They’re much cheaper than the cost of a hiked up insurance premium due to fire related damages.


If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call a pro. If you’d like us to give you a free consultation to help get your workspace up to scuff, give us a call. Good luck!