Some new years resolutions on electrical safety

2018 is coming in hot and with that, it’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year. While everyone’s got the usual, standard fare resolutions – like losing weight, quitting smoking, visiting Fiji or what have you; we’re going to take care of one you should be thinking about – how you’ll keep your home safer!

Here are five resolutions you can make right now to keep your home safe from electrical hazards in 2018!

I promise I will check my smoke alarms once a month

You do plenty of things every month – you pay your bills, go get your haircut, go out on a date with the spouse – and you do them because they’re essential. But could any of those things save your life?

Whether it’s from electricity or anything else, smoke alarms can save your life. It takes less than a minute to test and check you detectors each month. You can check them on the way out to work, on your way through the door when you get home… heck, you can even check them on your way to get a bowl of Doritios. It takes a minute, and it could save your life!

You will stop overloading your sockets

Adaptors make it easy to plug many things into one outlet, but just because you have the ability to plug things in doesn’t mean that it’s actually safe to do so. Remember to use on extender per socket and no more! Get additional sockets installed if you really need them. In some cases – it might not even cost you as much as all those overpriced extension chords you’re buying!

You’ll register your appliances

When you think of all the electrical appliances and things you have in your house, the number climbs quickly. Just imagine ONE of them being recalled due to a dangerous malfunction or faulty component. You could potentially have a ticking time bomb in your house.

While yes, registering your products can lead to a little more junk mail and a few annoying solicitations – it also makes it easier for a company to contact you if something is wrong with their product. Chargers, adaptors, hair care appliances, irons, toasters – they all get recalled more than you think. Send in the little card and it could save your life.

I will not buy cheap phone chargers

Something around the range of 98% of budget car chargers have a serious fault or defect. Leave that sucker plugged in over night and it could hurt your car, your socket, your home, your computer, your phone…. or you. They’re made cheaply, usually in China and aren’t really inspected all that well. They’re dangerous and the fastest growing cause of electrical fires in the home.

So for that relevant resolution? It’s staying away from these cheap phone chargers.

Check in with your older relatives, friends and neighbors more often

Electrical accidents happen the most to older, more vulnerable people. Statistics show over a million people over 75 live in homes that aren’t properly heated, in disrepair and don’t have modern facilities and appliances. The overwhelming number or those aren’t up to safety standards.

Check in on the older folks who are important in your life. Checking their appliances is part of a checklist we’d like you to tackle, but more importantly – just spend time with them. It’s the right thing to do, it’s rewarding and you can learn a lot. But most importantly, we can help keep them a little safer. A little sentimental for us on a level, but it’s a good note to end the year on.

Have a happy new year, folks – and here’s to a super safe 2018!