Tampa Electrician Shortage

Not only is there a shortage of electricians in Tampa Bay, there’s a shortage of construction workers in general! Last September, an article in the Tampa Bay Times reported, “Florida’s construction worker shortage is stalling development“. It talks about how construction projects, large and small, are being delayed by a lack of qualified workers.

Trade groups say the demand for qualified workers is greater than the supply. According to Brian Turmail, spokesman for the Associated General Contractors of America, “The construction industry is the first to let people go and the last to rebound and hire again,” So a lot of people that were let go during the recession went back to school and found other jobs or left the state, and we’ve since lost the pipeline in the American school system to train new workers.”

Fewer high schools teach shop class these days and funding for vocational programs at technical colleges has dried up. There is a particular shortage of experienced electricians in the Tampa area.

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