When the lights go out

Power outages are the worst. In fact, think of a more sinking feeling than the one you get in those first few seconds once the power goes out and everything goes quiet. There’s almost nothing worse. Once you’re over the initial ‘ugh’ factor, you immediately flip into the ‘what to do’ mode. How do you respond, what is the problem? Where is it? Is it just my home or somewhere else?

That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here’s what to do during a power outage:

Reconcile that it’s mostly out of your control

You can’t really prepare for a power outage. Almost all of them happen out of nowhere. They usually come during a storm or with some issue that has to do with whomever supplies your power. Sometimes it’s even something as simple as a car accident that impacts an entire power grid. Whatever it is – you’re probably not going to be overly prepared.

Try to get some information

The great thing about cell phones is they give you access to all sorts of information. So take yours, and look up your local power supplier. They usually get updates and reports from customers almost immediately and you’ll be able to see what’s effected and where the outage has spread to. Usually within a set period of time they’ll have even identified a cause and will supply you with a general window of when you can expect the power to go back on. And by all means – report your outage to your local supplier!

Turn off all appliances

Especially if your outage is caused by a storm, you’ll want to unplug your appliances immediately. The initial power surge from the power coming back on can damage them and in some cases – prevent them from working altogether. This is especially important in the event that you experience an outage where your lights flicker before going dark.

Say ‘no’ to water

Avoid puddles, pools and any and all incidents of standing water. Downed and exposed lines are always exposed during these periods and can cause a great deal of trouble and prevent a serious safety risk. Stay away. And be sure to stay out of your shower!

Be mindful of the temperature

If your power goes out, so will your air conditioners and heating systems. If it’s cold outside, then it’s time to bundle up. If it’s hot and humid out, be sure to keep a spare case of bottled water hanging around. That water is safe and clean and will help you keep cool while the A/C is down.

Also bear in mind that there are plenty of tools like generators out there that can help you overcome these issues. Feel free to shoot us a call if you’d like to find out about these sorts of products and we’ll also help give you some advice on some other household things you should probably have handy. And most importantly – if it’s just your house going out – we can help get the lights back on. Give us a call to learn more!