Why do my bulbs keep blowing?

Ask any electrician on earth – and they’ll tell you that one of the most common complaints they receive from customers is that their light bulbs burn out or blow out much faster than they expected; and of course – it’s always at the worst time.
Here are some reasons your light bulbs might be blowing and what you can do about it.

Your bulbs are cheap

Hey, we’re not calling you a cheapskate because everyone’s looking for a deal – but cheap bulbs – like every other thing that is cheap – are cheap for a reason. They have poor filaments and they’re made from bad materials. That’s how they keep costs low. It’s just like cheap batteries and cheap steno paper. They work up to a point and fail. For a few extra cents, you’ll experience fewer blowouts.

Ceiling fans going kablooey

Ceiling fan bulbs blow out faster than most other bulbs – and there are two primary reasons for that. First, the vibration and motion from the fan damages the filament in the bulb – which reduces lifespan. Second, the heat from the bulb usually has a hard time escaping the fan because the glass enclosure is so small. So that means the bulb will heat up and die.

Halogen, huh? 

Just like ceiling fan bulbs, halogen bulbs don’t do well with heat. The problem is – they, themselves get really hot, really quick. If the bulbs haven’t been installed correctly – or there’s material like a pest next or roofing materials covering the fitting – the bulbs will likely blow faster.

Incandescent bulbs blowing out

Simply put, these blow out faster than the new, more modern LED bulbs. We’d love to sugar coat it – but really there’s no reason to not switch over entirely to LED’s. Just ditch these bulbs.

LED isn’t working, either

LED’s are designed to last a long time. If they’re blowing, you either bought cheap LED bulbs or they weren’t fitted properly which means they’re overheating.

Of course, if you’ve tried to replace blown bulbs with quality new light bulbs then we recommend calling a pro, as the problem is likely deeper. It could be a problem wit the fitting, wiring, power supply, overloads and the like. So if your bulbs won’t work, simply call your electrician.